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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Mapified Kayak.
This web application is the result of a sub-project which is part of the more global one called GMapify. Feel free to explore this website full of maps and geodata. Maybe you could find other interesting stuff ;)

Olivier G.


NEW on the blog (Oct. 12th, 2010): A new ViaMichelin Web Mapping product: the JavaScript API V2

:Initial release

Added:management of "Reset" and "Launch" buttons
Optimized:load time

Added:colored transit airports

Changed:XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant

Changed:fullscreen layout

Added:India and italia in country list

Changed:template use
Added:Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark in country list

Frequently Asked Questions

#What is this application?

MapifiedKayak is a presentation layer above the travel metasearch engine Kayak and also a wrapper above Kayak allowing multiple destinations and/or multiple dates search (it's not a meta-metasearch engine! ;). It uses Google Map to display search results in a more 'mapified' way.

#Why should I use MapifiedKayak instead of Kayak?

If you want to perform searches for several destinations and/or for several dates in one shot, MapifiedKayak is designed for you.

#Why should I choose a Kayak country before launching a search?

Kayak is available in different countries (currently US, France, Germany, Spain and UK) and the engine combines results from a list of travel sites depending of the country. An other reason is the currency used to display prices.

#Why is my favorite airport not available?

The map display the most busiest airports in the world. I will add more in the future.

#What do C, Q and B mean in marker labels? And L ans R?

C stands for Cheapest. It gives the cheapest possible price for a route. Q stands for Quickest. It gives the price of the quickest flight for a route. B stands for Best. It gives the flight with the minimal (price*total duration) product. L stands for Leave and R stands for Return.

#Are there limits?

Yes. Kayak does not permit more than 41 searches/h based on a developer key and MapifiedKayak does not permit more then 20 Kayak searches per MapifiedKayak search.

#Why does it need so long to perform a search?

Kayak needs time to build a valid answer. Don't forget it's a metaengine so it needs time to request travel site engines and aggregates the answer.

#How MapifiedKayak works?

It uses 2 API provided by Google Maps and Kayak. It's a pure client side application made with HTML, Javascript and CSS. Airports data comes from this home made xml file (HT Wikipedia!).

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